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Antivirus software

Kaspersky antivirus
Avast antivirus
It is used to detect and remove computer viruses and also named as anti- malware software. From other computer threats, it protects and from Browser hijackers, ransomware, Browser helper objects, rootkits,  backdoors, Trojan horses, dialers, fraudtools, spyware, adware, key loggers, Browser helper objects etc.It is also protect
from spam, phishing attacks, infected and malicious URLs, social engineering techniques, botnets, Advanced persistent Threat(ATP), dDos attacks etc.
Pre-antivirus days, 1949-1980 period
In 1949 the idea is found about a computer virus. “The Theory of self-reproducing automata”was published by Hungarian scientist John von Neumann . In 1971 the first known computer virus was appeared and named “Creeper virus” It is infected the computer operating TENEX  system , that is Digital Equipment Corporation’s pDp-10. Ray Tomlinson created a program that name  “The Reaper”and it was deleted the
Norton antivirus
Creeper virus.” The Reaper”antivirus  was the first antivirus and the virus was itself a virus  that removed the Creeper virus. In 1981 the first  known “ in the wild” named “Elk cloner” that infected Apple II computers. By

other several viruses The Creeper virus was followed. Fred Cohen published first about computer viruses in 1883. In 1986 the first real widespread infections was “Brain”and “ in the wild” computer virus was compitable for IBM PC. A lots of viruses can grown exponentially from then. Ross M. Greenberg  created his second antivirus program named Virex PC in the USA in 1988 of the end of the year. There are some members of this mailing list such as Friorilk skulason, Eugene kaspersky, Luis corrons, John MCAfee, peter szor, mikko Hypponen, Tjark Skulason, Dr. vesselin Bontchev etc.  In 1989 Friorlk Skulason  created the first version of F-PROT Anti-Virus . In 1990 march released SAM 2.0 antivirus. Improvement of antivirus software and antivirus research  the Erupean Institute  for computer Antivirus Research in 1991. Igor danilov released the first version of Spider web , in Russia in 1992 and that became dr. web later. In their database Av-TEST reported that in 1994.  The first version of Anti-virus(AVX) was  released and founded  in Romania named Bidefender in 1996. The first” in the wild”Linux virus named “staog” in 1996.
Several methods are uses for identify viruses and malware such as
Signature based detection , Behavioural-based detection, Heuristic-based detection, Data mining techniques and Sandbox detection.
New viruses
Against the new virus Anti-virus programs are not effective alltime and they dtect only new viruses. For this
reason the major antivirus applications are not detected the new viruses and in to the wild releasing them before.
There are various types of antiavirusese are uses and available in 

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