Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bangladeshi fasion in winter dresses

Jitu fashion dress
Jitu fashion 
There are many garments and fashion houses in Bangladeshand many dressese are collected in those show rooms such as .Jitu fashion limited garments-.
 This is the well established company in Dhaka of Bangladesh.It has high quality fashion garments. There are many kinds of fashion dresses are available in this trade house such as men’s, ladies, kid’s branded ready made garments. This export these dresses. These dresses have style , smart and smooth looking. They have a lot of energy, fiting quality and keeping a constant vigil.They have experienced
designers, merchandisers, management staff, modern equipments, skilled workers, advanced technology and they habe capacity of  100,000 t shirts making per month.
3j fashion wear’s
They  for exporting, trading and manufacturing garments for men’s, women’s, girl’s, boy’s and kids and for
3J fashion dress
allseasonal dresses. They have a team of highly experienced peoples and have
3j fashion dress
highest quality. They have quality merchandises and they have competitive prices and value. They have also skills on production, product coordination, quality control, design, shipping, international finance and custom  procedures.They have multifaceted exporter and manufacturer.  They response quick to delivery and on time.  They have own manufacturing units such as sewing, knitting, printing, embroidery, packaging etc. They are strong than other medium and small , large sweater, woven and knit manufacturers.
Alibaba.com fashion wear

There are various types of fashionable dresses are available in alibaba.com fashion houses. It is the biggest supplier of products (garments).They manufacture and supply many kinds of designing dresses for men , women and kids such as men shirt UFH-101, Men shirt UFH-105, ladies t-shirtUF-511, Unisex T-shirt, men jacket UF-910, Ladies seater uF-705, Boy jacket Uf-903,ladies leggings UF-522, ladies fashion sweaterUF-714, men sweater Uf-720 etc. The customers can buy these by online also. They can mor benefite from these  sites , http://www.alibaba.com/countrysearch/BD/fashion-
Alibaba fashion
Ali baba fashion

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