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Green Emerald Gemstone or panna for jewelry

Emerald ring
Emerald  pendant
It is a gemstone and chemical formula is Be3Al2(sio3)6}. It is green color and mixed of chromium and vanadium.It is hardness and 7.5-8. It’s resistance to breakage tightness is poor. This green emerald is known as  panna in hindi.  It has mineral compound of silicate of aluminium beryllium and oxygen. It’s deep green color is very nice. There are black spots are found oftenly. It has high  amounts of carbon . It is the most affectiveness  when it has not  spots and cracks. This is uses for many jewelry items such as rings,
ear rings, pendants and necklace etc. It has astrological benefits and uses as ring or pendant. It has less recommended as use of  earring  or necklace astrologically. It has the magical power of eye sight, property, food grains, off springs etc and it can remove nightmares, black magic and evil spirits. It has also power to prevents of asthma, cough, spondalysis, rheumatism, stammering etc.
It means green gem and is originated from Greek.
It is a finest water gem. It has two qualities such as color and clarity.The high quality emerald has  nice green color and high degree of transparency. The lack of surface breaking fissures of emealds are rare. Sometimes their named as” the garden”due to appearance of their mossy.
There are three components of color available such as tone, saturation, hue. It is may be blue –green, yellow-green, green . Blue and yellow  are normal hues  emeralds. Light-toned gems are known as green bery. There is 75% tone in the finest emerald and 100% of opaque black. There is fine stone is well saturated, bright. There is also gray or grayish-green is found normally. It has variety of color such as green, pink morganite, yellow heliodor, red beryl and colorless goshenite etc.

Necklace of emerald
It has surface breaking fissures and numerous inclusious .It is eye gradeable. It is flawless when it’s inclusions are not visible. The lack of surface breaking fissures of emealds are rare. Sometimes their named as” the garden”due to appearance of their mossy. There is 15% of secondary hue and  combination of yellow or blue of a medium-dark is the highest prices. The faceted emerald has oval
cut, a rectangular cut or signature emerald cut.
It is found  in Egypt and India and since 1500BCE, at the 14th century CE Australia .The second biggest producing country is the Zambia. There  are also emerald  available in the  many countries such as Australia, Brazil,  Afganistan, Austria, Cambodia, Bulgaria, china, Canada, Ethiopia,
Bracelet of emerald
Germany, France, Italy, India, Kazakhstan, Mozambique, Norway, Nigeria, Namibia, Somalia, Pakistan, rassia, Spain, Tanzania, Switzerland, Zimbabwe, South Africa . The emerald is found  some of the places of the Usa  such as  Montana, Connecticut,  North carolia, Nevada, south Carolina.
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