Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hitachi seaside park, Japan

Kochia (Bassia)

It is a popular flower park and tourism destination that is situated at Hitachinaka , Ibaraki in Japan . It is l

ocated next to the ajigaura Beach.The flowers of the park are amazing that covers an area of 3.5 hectares and all year round. The flowers have  a different variety and blossom over the “Miharashi No Oka”.
The pacific Ocean look panaromic view.  For blue nemophilas, the park has famousness. These are annual flowers and that have blue
petals.These are bloom in spring season all over the park and 4.5 milion blue nemophilas bloom. These are attract many visitors and “Nemophilia Harmony”is called during  the blooming period.There are various types of flowers  are bloom in this park such as the pine trees, Nemophilas, 170 varieties of tulips with woods, are grown.
In Japan Hitachi seaside park hosts  the Rock in Japan festival  and it occurs in August every  year.
On the JR joban Line Katsuta station is the nearest railway station.
In mid –october this looks different.With bright magenta-colored plants covered a hill . These plants named kochia local name and in english “bassia”.These plant’s color looks very beautiful and attractive to visitors surely. It’s admission is only 300 yen. A fountain is located behind the park. This park is bigger than Yoyogi park. Peoples can  there by journey by seaside train that goes around the park. “ Miharashi no oka-lookout hill” is named where the planted  around the park. This scenary look like a magenta carpet. The scenary looks realy amazing!.
Amazing endless blue

It ‘s 190 ha area boasts variety color of seasonal flower such as narcissus and tulip , nemophila and rose . There is also , zinnia  and rose in summerand kochia , cosmos planted in  autumn season.

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