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Ruby stone

Ruby stone
Ear ring
It is a pink or blooded red colored gemstone. It is the aluminium oxide.  It is red color and due to the element of chromium.  It means  in latin  for red and from ruber it comes. There are other types of corundum are called sapphires.It is the precious stones and sappire, emerald, diamond also very precious stone. The blood-red color, brightest is the most valuable .It commands a premium. It is use as traditional birthstone for july.  It may pink or red .
Physical properties
Rubies are hardness  and it has Mohs scale of 9.00. It is moissanite. It is alumina and it’s formula is Al2o3. It has a small fraction of aluminium. It’s ions are replaced by chromium3. It is light absorption in the yellow green spectrum and formation of the red color gem.
Color- It has all shades of red such as pink that’s are rubies. Ruby has a lighter shades  as pink. When it is found as lighter shades  then it is called ruby other wise it’s name is pink sapphire in the United States.
Natural resource-
Ear ring
Rubies are found in Burma, India, Thailand, pallin, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Srelanka. It is also found in Madagascar, Nepal, Tajikistan, Vietnam etc. It is also found  North Carolina, U.S.states of Montana, South Carolina, Wyoming in few. Large rubies are found in Greenland. The finest color ruby is dark toned red and it’s other complication color is orange, purple, pink, pigeon blood, yellow .

Uses and treatment
It is uses for various purpose such as to heat for stones, remove purple tinge, to improve color, silk and blue patches. The heat treatments occur at 18oo °C . It is uses for silk at 1300°C that silk is broken partially and it’s color is improved.Rough rubies  are uses  as pre-polished to eradicate all surface impurities.With hydrogen fluoride roughness is cleaned. It is uses as jewellery oraments such as finger ring, bracelet, necklace, ear ring etc.
Famous rubies
The world’s largest and finest ruby gemstones has famous record in Washington, D,C  and it’s weight was 23.1 carats(4.62) Burmese ruby. It was set with diamonds in a platinum ring. It was donated a businessman named philanthropist peter buck and in memory of his wife Carmen Lucia. It has exceptional transparency and it displays a richly red colored saturatedly.

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