Sunday, November 16, 2014

When we choose the bracelet and what remember and what to know

Bracelet for long hand
Bracelet  for long hand
It is a wonderful fashionable item for women. We choose it and wear any time .In the ancient times, about thousands years ago it was used as an integral part. It was used in Romans, Greeks, Thracians and other nations. They used as a

symbolic  guarded of evil spirits and misfortune. Now a days , it is used currently as a fashionable, decorative and for attractiveness of the female. It makes  attractive and attention of the people.  Without use of bracelet, the beauty is not perfect for women.
So we should know which item choose for the perfect selection of the bracelet in order to
Consider the length of your hands
When anyone has long arms, then  may wears  many bracelets.  This  could  make balance of their
When some one has short arms, then  wears excessive number of bracelets and this can hide their narrowest  part of wrist. The short length of the legs are emphasize by the shortened arms.  So should  wear in such bracelet that can highlight the smoothline of the hand and wrist.
The graceful and elegant hands look more beautiful and should wear thin and single bracelet and there is effect follow the bulky and thick bracelets.
Consider to your wrist
You should wear bracelet as their structure of bone and it is an indicator. Who have small palm , they can
Bracelet for short hand
wear most models of bracelets and suit them well. Who have small writs they can wear volumetric bracelets and that will look wideness. Who have large wrists, they can wear non solid models and opened laces models, wavy or chains and these would suit them. These can cover the wrists , freely movement .These types of arms will suit the thin items.
Consider the shape of your hands

Who have slender and delicate shaped hands , they can wear any style of bracelets.  You  can wear bracelet type” cuff” and slight higher on your wrist. You will look feminine and it emphasizes the lines finely. Who have large hands, they should careful about the choice of wideness of the bracelets. You can wear these freely. You should not wear tight fitting bracelets. These item will give quite short and thickness of your hands. you should aware and care about it that which item suit you and how look you  and should look in mirror ownself every one. This is a interesting accent for you.

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