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Black Forest, German

Black Forest
Black Forest
It is very nice mountain and situated in Baden-Wurttemberg , southwestern Germany. It’s all of the area stunning with mountains. With Switzerland , it shares with borders. This is also called wooden mountain due to deep of greenness. It is very fertile. It’s area is 12,000 square kilometers. To the west and south, it is bordered by the Rhine Valley. It has the highest peak
and 1,493 metres  elevation. It consists of gneiss and granites and covered with sandstone. There are covered with glaciers, lakes, several tarns of the Black Forest.
There are many more rivers are around the the Black Forest such as the Kinzing, The Enz, the Neckar, the Murg, the Rench, the nagoid, the Wiese. Between the Black sea and the Atlantic Ocean drainage basin , the Black Forest  occupies. This forest is covered with sandstone of gneiss and granite. In the forest , many old towns are popular destination and the tourists can visit there such as Belchen, Feldberg, Schauinsland, the kandel, Titisee. The historic towns are also there   such as  calw, Freiburg, Baden Baden. The summer season is the best for visit. The gorge of the river Wutach  is the most famous waterfalls there. It is fast to the motorway for visit this aea.There are also specialized routes are acircular route, the German clock Route.
Black forest
Black Forest
There are various types of animals  found in this forest area such as Hinter wald cattle, horse, Western Capercailzie etc.
Swabia and Alemannic are culture area. In the region, wood -carving is a traditional cottage industry. There are carved ornaments are produced  for tourists. Very popular clocks are Cuckoo clocks th century these are made. Before the birth of Christ , a mechanized planetarium was created.
and  since in the 18

It is named and reputation as the Black Forest cake. It also called the Black forest cherry Cake and is made with chocolate, cream, Kirsch, sour cherries. Flammkuchen has speciality and made with cheese, cream and ham. It is a pastry. In the rregion, 17 Michen starred resturents are located. The
Black forest style is the prominent style of the mask there and from there it is originated.

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