Thursday, December 4, 2014

Care your opals and pearls

Opal bracelet

You should care your jewels. It is easy to care jewels. You should not use toothpaste for cleaning your jewels. It is very harmful for metal and gems.
Opal is the softer stones. Water containable it is and needs more care about it. You should avoid steam-cleaners, bleach, chemicals, ultrasound, cleaning solutions. You should wash your opal with cool water and add with little amount of shoap .It is water soluble and it can destroy your stone. You should care about your jewels that from high temperatures,  bright artificial light, direct sunlight, low humidity. You should not store opal in oil or water because it may contain with cracks. Opal may discolor by it.

You should wipe this with a tissue and when you use this then   clear this after use it. The acidity can
diminish your shine of pearls , it causes due to sweat of skin. You should kept them in a soft purse and care that it doesn’t scratched .You should not use pearls during working , bathing or in the garden. It should be protected from all acidic liquids. It should be

cleaned with soapy solution. It should be clean with dry towel and kept it to dry .Large pearls have weight and on the thread, you can pressure and quickly this will thin. Through the necklace fats and fragments of skin may seep and it is required to clean each pearl individually. You have to tie them again every year.
Pearl and opal

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