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Colorful Burano, Italy

Colorful Burano
Burano, Italy

It is an island of Italy at Venetian Lagoon. It is called archipetago.   Near Torcello and northern  side of the Lagoon it is situated and for  brightly colored homes and lacework it is well known. There is high population density area and about 13,000 per square kilometer. Here is few small green areas and mostly covered  with residential buildings.
By the Romans , this island was settled and from Altino  it was occupied in 5th century .There are two stories are attributed about how to obtained this city such as  one is by the Buriana family it was settled and another is from the small island of Buranello the first settlers came and to the south  8 kilometres. This area became a thriving settlement soon and from Torcello it was administered. There th century .In 1481Leonardo da vinci   visited  at lefkara townand for the main allar of the Duomo di Milano he purchased a cloth. There  was across Europe lace was exported soon and in the 18th century it’s trade was decline until 1872 and then a lacemaking school was opened. In the traditional manner  a few lace making is still now  but it is time-consuming extremely and  also expensive .

was no privileges of island. Women were making lace with needles in the 16
Main sights

Burano is popular and known due to brightly painted small houses. From the golden age , the colors of the houses maintain a specific rules and when anyone want to paint his home then must have to send request to the government. The government will permitted by notice about that. There are also attractions such as the Church of san Martino, a learning campanile, a painting that is panted Glambattista Tiepolo,  a Museum,  school of

lacemaking,  the Oratorio di Santa  Barbara.

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