Monday, December 29, 2014

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai miracle garden
Dubai is located in the united Arab Emirate of Dubailand.Dubai is very dry area.There  is lack of water and most deserts in there. The desert area can not  absorb water well. Small lackes or
puddles collect  water and the miracle garden has ability to contain it’s flowers . This garden look beautiful whole the year. The Miracle garden has different types of flowers and that’s are arranged in different shapes. The flowers of the gardens have various types of shapes such as stars, hearts, pyramids, igloos etc. Million of visitors come to see this garden every year. This garden is open from 10 am to 10 pm and  10 pm to midnight on weekends .It is the biggest natural flower garden in the world. There are 45 million flowers in the garden and it’s area is 72,000 sq metre .By the kandscaping company Akar  it was developed. The garden will change each season and this look  different  every time and  very nice. At the summer period this  garden is close. By judicious re use of waste water and by drip irrigation ,the garden develop is possible in desert. It is close in late May and reopening in opening in October. The garden’s entry fee is 20 Dhs for adults and three to above for children. The Dubai has

tallest building and tallest hotel for tourist attractions. This garden

has a floral UAE flag, peacocks, floral clock, butterfly park, strawberry garden. The garden has two phases and seven flower hearts, sunflowes, seven stars  and many more  3D art designs  also there. There are many hanging flower baskets in this garden. Many more attractive  structure there such as an umbrella pathways, lillium flower lamps, flower tunnel, flower  apple structures, flower boats, artificial animals, an Islamic Arch etc.
Floral clock
Floral clock is very nice and it is the first time on Dubai. It has 13 meters in diameter and made by
Floral clock
Colorful peacock
real plants and flowers. There is a small bird house in the clock and every 15 minutes the bird is tweeting.
Colorful peacocks
There are three colorful peacocks and they have  a large opened tails. It’s diameter is 12 meters. One of them is closed tail and it is 13 meters length. This is  designed by colorful flowers and green floor.
Phase 2
Butterfly Park
It will open in January. This garden is round shape and decorated with nice flower. It has 1,800 square meters. It has nine domes and various colors, sizes  and species of butterflies in this garden.

There are  various types of aromatic  and medicinal plants in this garden

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