Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Majorelle Garden

This Majaorelle Garden is located in Marrakech, Morocco. It is a twelve-acre botanical garden. In 1920s
and 1930s , the expatriate French artist Jacques Majorelle. And it was the colonial period of protectorate of France.
Majorelle’s father name is Louise Majorelle. This garden is his creativity of masterpiece. He used blue color in this garden and it’s buildings name
is blue Majorelle- majorelle blue.
The garden has 15 bird species and endemic to North Africa. There are many fountains and cacti also in this garden. By Yves Saint-Laurent and
pierre Berge the garden is owned.
Since 1947 the garden is opened. In the Majorelle garden Yves saint –Laurent ashes were scattered after his died. In 1962 Yves saint Laurent was owned the property. In this garden a bamboo forest, a castus  and a mediterannean oasis. The  buildings are cobaly blue and yellows  color mixed in this garden. Since 2011sepember entrance fee is 40 MAD and for the museum 25 MaD.It’s pathways are pink color and pots are yellow color. It is realy exotic garden. It has desert cacti, shrubs and tropical trees. It is easy to visit in 20 minutes comfortably. It is design of traditional Kasbah. Benches are there in this garden and can relax and enjoy everyone. The studio is now become a museum. A shop and a expensive cafĂ© is there in this garden. For a photographer this garden is a dream. It has  nice three color shades such as deep orange, pale blue
and acid yellow. It’s water has goldfish, small frogs, turtles. It’s fountains and edges are same color. This is the Islamic art of small museum. It is
realy mysterious garden. It is different and rare expression to people. It has banana trees, bougainvilleas and coconut palms etc.

This garden is open daily from 8.00-12.00 and 13.00-19.00 in summer season. In fall autumn until17.30 and  in winter  until 17.00

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