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Origin of jewellery

Jewellry pontica  300bC  in  Ukrain

Ancient necklece
Jewellery is a personal adornment such as rings,brooches, earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc. it was

used as old cultures of archeological artifact about 100,000 years ago. In the ancient time plant materials and shells used as jewellery . From the Asia style and design have come and have influenced also. Jewel  comes from Latin and about 40,000 years back , it was used the the past time various types of things used as ornaments such as shells, breads, coral and amber, metals, teeth, bones, rocks, mantles, cloths, animal ligaments  etc. There is recently found sea shells that was 100,000 years oldest. Now a days jewells also show social status and use as decorative purpose. From Africa, The Egyptians collected abundant gold  and it was the strength and power to them. The Egyptians used giold with dead body also. They buried their gold ornaments and  golden dishes and vessels also. Jewells were used in Mesopotamia  as coins, spirals, grapes, leaves etc . These were used rich and poor alike.

Ancient Egyptian necklece
Ancient hair clip  Mesopotemian 2000BC
There are first create of the country is Italy that create pendants, rings, earrings etc are  various types of metal things. In the past adult women worn jewellry but now a days adult males worn comparatively low in the European culture.  Jewellry derived from the old French” Jouel” and in th century. Now a days various types of jewelry used such as Nickel, bronze, silver, gold, silver with
gemstone such as diamond, pearl, sapphire, ruby etc.
Latin” jocale”that means plaything. They made these for the purpose of  storing essences and perfumes. This was continued by the Empire Byzantine. These were expressed religious symbols. The earrings, pendants, bracelets were made around 1500 BC in India. They used shells, clay with color red usually. In later it is replaced into glass and other maerials. In the past jewellery used as symbolized of power and  from protect of evil. Now a days  it is uses for decoration of the women. In Roman times most uses bronze. Murano glass and Murano breads were popular in 13

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