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Ruby gemstone (chuni) jewelry

Ruby stone(chuni)

Ruby is a gemstone. It is latin word. It’s means red and it’s color is nice. In astrology, it has  power of, good
health and favors, prestige etc. If Ruby stone has decreased colors and change into fade then you have  to face difficult situations. It is the hardest gemstone and second position in the gemstone .In sanchkret  Ruby is called Manik , in Hindi it is called chuni. It rules the the sign of Leo.The sun protect from resistance and has power of immunity and vitality. The sun has power of will, prosperity, intellect, success, activity, wealth, affairs,cheerfulness, wisdom, fame,  ambition, fortune, understanding of phenomenal world, the knowledge of medicine etc. The sun is a sign ofindependent, forthright, purifying and illuminating. The  Ruby has seven colors and lots of purity.
It is a attractive gemstone and clear, transparent. It’s color is red, pink or violet color. It is hardness,
excellent  inclusions. It’s specific gravity is 3.9to4.1.  stability-  It can be change in high heat and can destroy or damage it’s cavity- fillings. Bright light can dry out. Chemicals can remove oil and can harm fillings. Type of cleaning- Usually

safe , steam cleaning- usually safe or cavity filled stones. warm soapy water- usually safe.
Recovery from diseases
Ruby can recovery from hypertension and use Ruby with blue sapphire and garnet. Ruby with copper  can recovery  from leprosy. Ruby with gold can recovery from osteosclerosis and otitis media.
Ruby has great magical powers that  can increase physical desire energy. It protects from diseases, infection. It is very valuable gemstone after diamond. It has strong feeling of love and passion.
There is it is available in Myanmar, India, Thailand, siam, Brazil, Siberia, Srilanka etc.
It should be clean  for wash in a month twice and it should keep  under Sun. From Sun it regains power.
Ear ring
Ear ring
Excellent and original ruby  has nice pink color and clear crystal and has  no less cracks and black spots.
There are various types of Ruby are available such as Star ruby , Madacas
Ruby, New Burma Ruby, Burma Ruby etc.

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