Sunday, January 4, 2015

Keukenhof flower garden

It is the 2nd largest garden in the world. It is the garden of the Europe. It is located in Lisse , Netherland. It’s area is 32 hectares
and it has 7 million flower bulbs. In the small town of Lisse , south of Haarlem it is located and also southwest of Amsterdam. It is easy to reach there by bus  and train. From mid-march to midday it is open. The tulips look so nice in mid- April season.
On 15th-century hunting grounds Keukenhof is  situated. In 1949 the garden was established  and it was established   then- mayor of Lisse. Netherland is the largest exporter of flowers in the world.

The garden has different look and stypes.There are  several types of old bulbs , a water garden, many types of shrubs and perennials, bulbous plants etc  are there.
Opening times
The gardens are open all year long. There are  various festvals are occur such as the Ladies winternight, castlefest, the Christmas fair erc.  It also many classical music performanves.

 In 1950 Queen Juliana  and her daughters , princess Beatrix, Irene and Margriet were first visitors. Some unique films were shot by prince Bernhard. Prince willem-Alexander planted  first bulb for the Olympic rings in 2003 of autumn. Princess Margriet opened the park  in 2005. By the sea the area is reclaimed and from above it is best seen. There are enjoyable views of Amstardam’s  windmills,

canals and the unique polder landscape .

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