Saturday, February 21, 2015

Flower island of Count Bernadotte

This garden has 45 hectares of land. It has veriours types of trees, shrubs, flowers. It has another attractions of a palm house and the
biggest butterfly house in Germany.
It is situated in the far south-west of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. More than million visitors visit every ear. In 1862 grand duke was planted very old trees of the victoria lime as mark of the birth of his daughter.There iis also about 150 years old tree pagoda. It has oaks, proud cedars, attractive citrus fruit. It has wealthy plants in pots and tubs. Above the treeline  the marvellous baroque palace can be seen. This  land is 500 years old and it is since 13th century. There is 1,200 orchids in the palm house  and 1,000 exotic species in the largest butterfly house in Germany. It has other attractions of the palace church of st Mary. There is also about 9,000 roses and 400 varieties  flowers are blossom  there. There are  the lake Constance region  around this area and a museum of  the Fredrichshafen Zeppelin  near to this garden. This museum is only 33 metres  in length. There is also Meer
burg castle there and it is the  7th century oldest one.

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