Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to combine different jewels

Jewelry sets should wear together for harmonizing. Jewelry sets may lose their charm due to predictable and lack of proper imagination. For proper combinations  you should keep basic rule, similar materials, colors, models and styles. When you  wear extravagant item then you should wear simple item. This combination makes  nice and proper match. If the necklace is so attractive then it is enough without use earrings. And you can use with small studs or buttons.   You should not wear  a necklace with long earrings. You should wear a delicate little necklace with
similar elements.
When you wear both combination of gold chains and sparking silver then make you stylish and
distracting. The old monochromatic sets are so boring. You should not wear combination of  silver pendant with golden bracelet.  When you want to wear metals then you should choose to your own personal taste ,  eye color and financial abilities. You should remember that silver jewelry is common and it does not suit for formal occasion.
Using Jewels

You should wear 4 jewels of same color. You should not mix these.

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