Sunday, February 8, 2015

Personal motives to decorate your body with jewelry

Without jewelry and makeup some of people cannot seen and  some of peoples like to plain and
unadorned. Some of the peoples like to expression
their emotion aesthetically  by decorative elements. Business like people 
prefer   to decoration  and respect and contrast  to them . Some hippie and punk  styles people use multiple decorations for express specific ideology and feelings.
1.       For safety and security  an aspiration
2.       For prestige an aspiration
3.       For beauty an aspiration
For picking out jewelry , these motivations are useful. Various types of designs, shapes, sizes, materials  are uses for satisfaction of every person. The jewels have shape and color of significance. And the jewels have emotional state and value.
]For every person this intensity is importance.
1.Small, delicate ornaments are uses for safety and protection. There is need love, care , attention and it is protected must. For love and security people looking emotional state. The jewels are  admirable for effort, love and endless patience. These  are not so expensive. Hand- made jewelry such as cheap metal, wood, ceramics, semi-precious stones , fruit pits etc. These endearing
ornaments are realy
suitable for adults.
2.The jewelry may show prestigious and significance. It is a small risk to use expensive jewel
frequently. The ornament has advantages for fiscal abilities .Massive golden bracelets, rings, chains, rings etc are  not  good taste always. There are various types of expensive and valuable jewels uses as a traditional and more prestigious sign such as a diamond ring, a real pearl necklace, delicate golden bracelets, chains, sapphire etc  . These are uses for high social status.
3.Stylish ornaments have desire for beauty. Stylish clips or earrings have harmonious beauty with your hairstyle and clothes. The wrist watch can use as functionality and decoration item. The jewelry may use as decorate a person  and it may tasteful, elegant and stylish to you. This  correspond to his or her individuality and character.


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