Friday, February 20, 2015

Subirnandi and his famous song

Subi nandi
Subirnandi is a legendary famous singer in Bangladesh. He was born in Hobigonj of better sylhet in Bangladesh. His childhood place was at Dhaka and at Kalkata. His father was worked as a doctor at Teliapara Tea Estate. Subir,s brother and sisters are nine. From Ustad Babar Ali khan , all of they learnt music. He listened to some of famous singer such as Kundan Lal saigal, Manna dey, Pankaj Mullick.
Subir’s first recorded song is Jodi keu dhup Jele Dai and it was written by Mohammad Muzakker. Ustad Mir kasem was composed it.
Since 1970s Nandi’s musical career was stated. His famous songs were such as “ Tumi Emoni Jaal Petecho Shongsare”, “Ek Je Chilo Sonar Konna”, Duti Chokh Pathar To Noi”. He received his first film award from the film of Mahanayak in 1984. This made him breakthrough in his career. He also received National film award from the film of “Shrabon Megher Din” and” Megher Opare Megh”. He sang about 2000 film songs.  His sons are the second highest number of film songs. In United Kingdom his songs were rendered at the House of Commons in United Kingdom in 1994.
Breakthrough and Recognition
Subirnandi had a musical band named Bidit Lal Das and his Team”. In 1972 the band was founded. His band members were Jamaluddin Banna, Akramul Islam, Himangshu Goswami, Rakhal Chakrabarty and  many others. Their leader was Bidit lal.
Subirnandi’s famous and hit film song “Tumi Chao piya nodi hoea” from them of Mohanayok . he was awarded by this film song and breakthrough him in 1984. This songlyrics was by Masud karim , kabi Zahidul Hoq, Nazrul Islam Babu and Moniruzzaman Monir. This song was composed by Sheikh sadi khan.

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