Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Four Season Garden of West walsall of England

Four season garden of West walsall of England
Four season garden of West walsall of England
The garden is situated in Walsall of England and it’s owner of Tony and Marie Newton. It is the most beautiful home garden in the world .It has 3,000 plants and mind- blowing color flowers bloom  in the four seasons. In Walsall, in the West Midlands, England, Marie and Tony open this garden.   This garden was awarded first place in the Daily Mail National Competition in 2007.They were members of the ngs in 2008. There are more than 11,000 visitors came to this garden since 2006. The visitors are maximum from UK and others are from twenty-seven countries. The  visitor’s incomes are more than  £35,000 .  Since 1992 the garden is totally re-landscaped, re-designed and re-planted and  does not receive any outside help.They  established  summer house, a chalet store, karge wooden priental pagoda, smaller pagoda, four features etc. There are three different areas  in main garden.These are called upper garden. It’s middle garden has pagoda, jungle and a small stream. It’s lower garden contains of woodenland, an area of perennials and a larger stream. It has nice color shape like blue, red and yellow. They used bright and bold evergreen. This has a jungle that contains of palms, ferns, bamboos and banana plants. There are many nice flowers bloom in early spring season such as tete daffodils, primukae and camellias etc. In April season various types of flowers are bloom such as pansies, scilla , tulip etc. In May flowers are bloom such as azaleas, acers and conifers , anemone blande, muscari etc. In june  flowers are bloom such as foxgloves, poppies, aliums and lilies of various sorts.
In summer season nice flowers are bloom such as 
pelargonium, begonias and bedding plants etc. The lower garden has various flowers such as astors, agapanthus, leucanthemum, crocosmia, helenium, phlox, thalictrum. In this season it is so exciting. It’s tropical bird sounds are so sweet to hear.

In Autumn nice rich red color flower Virginia creeper bloom.  Azaleas  and acers are also bloom  in this season. In winter season, red colour ohotinia,  red acer Senkaki stems, yellow , blue conifers, bright yellow hollies etc. The garden flowers look so magical atmosphere during draped in snow.  There are crocus, aconites, hellebores, cyclamen and early camellias.  There are also snake
bark maples, acer griseum, serrula etc.