Thursday, February 26, 2015

Uses of jewels?


Many people have allergic problems of different metals and materials and when wear staining materials then avoid from it. It has a chemical
reaction between skin and metals.
Copper jewelry
Copper has reaction to the skin and it colors green to the skin. If the ornaments are made of little amount of copper and it may traces on your skin. Some people may have chemical reaction of the skin.

Some of silver jewelry mixed of 7.5 % copper and it marks black to the skin. It has a reaction with the air and it causes blacken to the metal. When  it is covered with  substances  and prevent it from
 Silver Earring
silver necklace

Gold has no reaction on the skin but when it is mixed of copper,
nickel, silver then this can influence of color of gold on the skin. When different types of metals are mixed with gold in less quantity then this become less carat gold . When it is mixed with as 10 carats then it may show no reaction and more than amount
this may sensitive to the skin.

Gold plated jewels
When jewel has cover a thin layer of gold and wear this then it can create staining.  When it is covered with thick layer of gold then it
caused traces.
Gold plated necklace

Nickel is sensitive to wear . It can cause allergic reactions. It can cause
skin itch, redden, inflame on skin.
How to prevent staining of the skin?
When these metals are sensitive to wear then you should contact a jeweler that this ornament is  covered with another type of metal and it may suit your skin.
You may cover the jewelry with clear nail polish. This method is cheap for you to avoid the risk of traces of your jewelry.
You should cover with stainless steel that can avoid tracing .
You can use titanium for sensitiveness of other metals and it has neutrality.

You should keep your skin dry during wear of jewelry.
Nickel Earring

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