Friday, March 20, 2015

Colorful Garden in Australia

This Garden is situated in the stunning surrounds of the Greater Blue Mountains world heritage Area and from Sydney it requires 1.5 hours .
This is the highest botanic garden in Australia. It is 1,000m above sea level and it’s area is 252 hectare.
It has world class cool climate plants. It attracts the visitors for the visiting of the similarities and differences of the plants of this region. Around the garden Hexagonal basalt blocks are used.
It’s environment is cool, tranquil and mild summer temperature. It’s top 100 meters are more fertile
and it’s layer consists of basalt, volcanic rock and it forms rich acid clay loam. During the cool condition, the rock forms fine vertical cracks that is called “columnar jointing”. In rainy period, it’s joints are trap and form  a natural underground reservoir and  for the
garden it creates water supply

How to walk around the garden:

1.By a volunteers guide, it has free guided tours.
2.Garden shuttle tours
3.Heritage Exhibition Center.
4.Knowledge about the Blue Mountains.
5. For kids Safari garden.
6. It is organized festivals and seasonal events like Wild About Waratahs.
7. It is organized personalized tours , for adults workshops and for schools education.
8. It is organized also functions, weddings and conference facilities etc.
9. It accommodates at the garden of The Jungle Lodge.

There are specific attractive restaurants such as Tomah Gardens Restaurant. It is beautiful and is located surrounds of Mount Tomah and Bilpin. It offers healthy foods, high quality ingredients .

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