Monday, March 2, 2015

How to care for your watch, Advice and common watch problems

Fastrack Economy 2013 Analog Blue Dial 

Treat your watch according to its water resistance rating
Water resistance rating in every watch.

Stuhrling Original Men's 747M.04 

You should not wear watch in a cold plunge pool or in sauna and it can change  materials to contract. When the seal changed into it’s shape and size then it indicate that the watch has no longer resistance.
When the air rapidly cools the glass , then it will indicate that water in the air may condense. When it will occur then you should dry it soon. The watch can
not guaranteed without tested in a pressure tank.
When  use your watch in water then  you should go to the manufacturer as local retailers.
You should not scratches the glass and should avoid undue shocks. The mechanical or automatic

Sonata Analog Black Dial Men's Watch - NF7987YL03J

watches and quartz watches have  moving parts and  digital watch has no moving parts. So any impact part can damage the glass.

Playboy Analog Silver Dial Women's Watch - P3178

Should avoid wearing perfume or moisturizers in the same place that you wear
your watch.
You should avoid any type of perfumes and cosmetics for this part of straps , watch bracelets and that can corrosion to the internal workings.

You should check your watch straps that they are too worn or not so loose.  When it necessary , you obtain a new strap or the clasp tightened from your local jeweler.
Keep your watch clean
When your watch has a water resistance rating of 50m then you may clean your watch with luke warm water and also use a very small amount of soap.  You should use a tooth brush or similar object that can loosen dirt easily. Then you should dry it thoroughly.  When your watch has less than 50m then you should use a soft cloth and  use a dry toothbrush for clean it.

Casio Women's BG169R-4 Baby-G Pink Whale Digital Sport Watch

Change the battery when necessary
When your watch losing time or stopped of power then you should necessary change a new battery. You should be care about your watch that when you will change  the battery from a jeweler then a number of small parts can be lost easily. Without tested your watch, water resistance can not guaranteed.

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