Sunday, March 1, 2015

Mahmudunnabi and his famous songs

Mahdunnabi  was a legendary singer in Bangladesh. In  16 december 1940 , he was born and in 20 december 1990 , he was died. His wife was mrs Rashida chowdhury. They had three daughter and one son. All of them are singers. He sang more songs such as “ Tumi kokhon ese daria sele amar ajante “ and this song is the film Abirvab. This song was the famous one of his songs. This song’s lyrics by Gazi Mazharul Anowar and
composed by Shotto Saha.
Lyrics in Bangla
tumi kokhon eshe dariye acho amar ojante
amar ganer prante, tumi dariye acho go||

tumi prothom bujhiye dile eka thaka ogo kare bole
jibone tomar koto proyojon se kothati jodi jante
amar ganer prante, tumi dariye acho go||

vangle jokhon nirobota romoniyo holo joto batha. (aha)
valolaga ei khontuku aro age jodi ante
amar ganer prante, tumi dariye acho go|| - See more at:
This song is available in the internet. Here is this link

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