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Syed Abdul Hadi and his songs

Syed Abdul Hadi
Syed Abdul Hadi is a famous singer in Bangladesh. He is very talent in music and he started his career for half century. He started from 1960s. In1940, he was born in Comilla. At his tender age his music guru was Subal Das and he learnt also Hindustani classical vocal music from Ustad Quader Jameri and pc Gomez. From Abdul Ahad, he learnt Rabindra
In 1965  Hadi’s first album on Nazrul Sangeet was released and it’s music director was Kamal Dasgupta.
In 1965 his first album of modern songs was released and it’s music director was Abdul Aahad. Since 1960 he has been singing regularly in Bangladesh Betar and Bangladesh Television.
He sang more famous songs that’s are immortalized such as Achhen amar moktar achhen amar barrister, Emon-o tho prem hoy, Janmo thekey jolchhi,  Ekbar jodi keu bhalobashto , Jeona sathi , Keo Kunodin amareto,  chole jai Jodi Keu,  Chokher Nojor emni Koira , Ami Tomari Premo Vikhariand so on.
“Jeona sathi cholecheso ekela kothai”song was very famos for the film of Durdesh and released in 1986. It’s lyrics by Ahmed Zaman Chowdhury and composed by Golam hossen ladu and singer  was Syed Abdul hadi.
Lyrics in bangla
jeo na sathi, o......
jeo na sathi,
cholecho ekela kothay?
poth khuje pabe nako, sudhu eka||

dui hridoyer milone badha sukheri songshar.
songi chara ei jogote nai kichu amar||

sagor pane nodi boye jay jani hobei songom.
esho tumi ami mile gai premei sargam||

diner pore name je rat fagun shiter por.
prem piyashi ei duti mon badhi esho ghor|| - See more at:

This song is available in the internet,  

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