Friday, April 10, 2015

Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman national park

It is located at the north end of the South Island. In 1642 Abel Tasman first visited this park. Later it is named Abel Tasman.
In 1942 the park  was founded and opened  on the 18 December of this year. This park has botanical interest.
In Newzelland , it is the smallest national park. It is hilly and forested .It is bounded with the waters of Golden Bay and Tasman Bay.

There are various types of birds are available such as shags, petrels, gulls, penguins, possums, terns, deer, wild pigs, goats etc. The tracks are available in this area and these are inexpensive for travel. From Nelson to Abel Tasman National Park one hours require for travel.  There are many beautiful scenaries are seen  such as  Blue bays and tropical islands, dense rain forests, white sandy beaches etc. It is $36 only for taxi journey cost.At any timetable it is visitable for the tourists. It is famous for it's golden sandy beaches. Rich type of plants are available there.

 Black beech is most prominent.
. Soon they earned prosperity..n 1855 European settled there.

 and they built ships, logged forests, quarter granite. Soon they earned prosperity. Toilets and camping are not permitted in the sea and the toilets are nearer at sea side of beaches.


  1. It is a good place for visit and it is famous for golden sea beach.

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