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Ferdousi Rahman and her famous songs

Ferdousi Rahman

Ferdousi rahman is a Bangladeshi famous Singer.Her father was a legendary famous singer and musician in Bangladesh.
In 1955 she first sang at radio.In 1959  she sang first film song for the film of Edesh tumar amar and it's music director was khan ataur rahman and film director was Ehtesam. In 1960 she sang for the film Asia and it's music director was her father Abbas uddinShe also has been teaching music proggramEsho gaan sikhi. In 1964  she first sang at the Pakistan television now Bangladesh television. She also has been teaching music program ESO gaan sikhi at Bangladesh television and it is running for about 44 years.
Awards and honours
In 1965 she awarded president 's pride of performance medal , in1973 Ekushe padak, in 1995 Independence Day Padak,. She also received Film Journalist s award and
Nasiruddin Golreceived  the life time achieve Kent at the Meril all  the lifetime achivedShe received
a crest of Gunijon Sanbordhona program in 2009.In 2008 she received at the Meril Prothom Alo Awards

Personal life

Justice Mostofa Jamal Abbasid and singer Most of a zaman Abbasid ware her brothers.Singer nashid kamal is her niece.She married with Rezaur rahman and she has two son and four grandchildren.

She sang more romantic melodious songs such as “kichu bola jayna” for the film Binimoy,Jeno “Ek Muthu Rajonigondha”, “ Gaan Hoea Ele”, “Kotha Bolo Ar Nai Bolo”, “Jar Chaya Porese  Monero aynate”,
Her more famous song “Kichu Bola Jayna”and she sang this song in the film Binimoy . It’s lyrics by Gazi Mazharul Anowar and composed by Satya saha.


Kichu Bola jaina
Kichu sona hoina
Tobu amar janate kichu esse kore
Sobuj dolate eki holo
Nabola kothati royea gelo
Hawar bashite  sekothati sunate
Kenoje bare bare esse kore
Kichu bola jayna
Kichu sona hoina
Tobu amar janate kichu esse kore
Jhilero jolete chaya dekhe
Achol rekhesi omukh dekhe
Sohage sorome , kaje gopone
Sajate moner ghore esse kore
Kichu Bola jayna

Kichu sona jayna
This music is available in the internet. Here is this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuZor2RMPSY.

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