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Heronswood House and Garden

HeronswooHerroonswood House
Herooonswood House
In1864 , Heronswood house was built and in Dromana of Victoria , it is placed. It is highly picturesque and in 1874 Gothic Revival house was built. Its area is 46 acres. It is open for the public. The Victorian Heritage Register and the Australian heritage Places Register are in this house. On 27 April 1802 Captain Matthew Flinders was landed it.
The Cottage
In  1864 the shine messmate roofed house was made and for Dr hearn it was made by local timbers . It was named as william Hearn and  from Hearns family “Heronswood” derived. Heron means that seeks the height.” Hearn’sWood’ is a contraction .
The House 
In 1874 the main building was built.  This was built with rare green grantile.
The Gardens

Spacious gardens and lawns were developed by Hearn. There were planted rare occidental and oriental trees. The most important tree is the cape chestnut and it is survived by early plantings.                Many pine trees are planted by him and these are alive there.There are various types of  vegetables and fruits are available in this garden. Five vegetable gardens in there.There are various kinds of flowers are available in there.This garden is the listed in one of the fourth.The heronswood caffe in there and you can take your lunch.You may arrange picnic hamper in there and you can enjoy much in the warm period.The shade of the trees are there.
Heroonswood Garden

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