Thursday, May 28, 2015

Maple glen garden in Newzelland

Maple glen garden

is a Private garden in Newzelland. In 1966 this garden bought by Bob and Muriel. Then its land was 200 acre area. In the 70s this garden's development was increased.It has a curving valley and  bottom layer water force. it known as Glen in Bob native Ire land. It has 25 acre land.There are several birds in there such as100 types of parrots, waterfowl. It is open for visitors all the year and it has no entry charge.There are 30 type  Japanese maple trees in there.
There are various types of birds are there such as ducks, geese, swans, herons,  pukekos, black swans,  paradise ducks, scayup, teal, shoveller ducks,The swallow skim can catch insects, plovers, stilts across water. The birds are twitting very sweetly and hear to nice charming.You can visit there anytime and it delights its beauty. In the south Island ,it is the best garden.The garden has been
extended and developed . This garden offers wedding ceremony, picnic etc.  when it is wet, this garden is very slippery.

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