Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bhawal king

Ramendra Narayan rai
Ramendra narayan rai was the king of the bhawal estate. From his father he inherited the estate. The estate was over 579 square miles.And it included 2,274 villages.The population was about 5,00000.He spent his time with hunting, festivals with women.In 1905 he affected with syphilis.He went to Darjiling for treatment in1909 but reported that he died on may 7 and at 25 age only.It was reported that his death was for biliary colic.The next day in
Darjeeling his body was cremated.A hailstorm was occurs suddenly and interrupted the cremation and the body was disappeared.His young wife queen bilashmoni devi back to dhaka with her brother sayten beanerie. She took the estate for the reason of all bhawal Kumar's died and the British court took the control on estate for widows. In 1921 sudden a sonnasi appeared on the gazipur and attracted peoples as a second kumer of Bhawal.Then his relatives convinced about him and recognised him as a second kumar of Bhawal.
Bhawal capital was chaira meah bari and once Fazal gazi was lived there.Afterwards  gazipur district was named as his name. From the village of Bajraigoni, the rajas of Bhawal came and in 1704 Dewan Bala Ram convinced to Murshid kulikhan for install of his son Srekresna as a zamindar of Bhawal. They still ruled the Bhawal estate untill the abolition of  zamindary system.
Queen Bilashmoni devi

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