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History of Islam in Bangladesh

Arab Muslims were come to Bangladesh for the spread of Islam. They came via the Chittagong port.pala Empire ruled bangla at the 8th century to 12 century. Then it was Buddhist dynasty.At the 13th century Islam began in Bangladesh. A group of sahabis such as  abu oakkas, Tameem ansary, Quyes sairadi, Abu quyes Ibn Harisa  came to Chittagong during the prophet Muhammad(PUB))  alive in 618 and for a few years they preached Islam and afterwards  they went to china.
After the death of  the Prophet Muhammad(PUB) some of t5he sahabis came to Bangladesh such as Assem Ibn Amr Tameemi, Sahel Ibn Abdi,  Abdullah  Ibn Uthban, Hakim Ibn Abeel Assaqafi. Afterwards the Tabeyees came to Bangladesh such as Muhammad Mamun and Muhammad Mohaimen.
Muhammad Bin kasem  conquered Sindh in 712.  For the muslims it was  paved way.  In  the Bay of bengle  a  group of muslims  faced with storm in 778. At that time king Mabatoing gave them shelter and  he was very pleased for their behavior and intellects. They received several villages to settle.
Islam was spread in this way. Baezid Bostami came to Chittagong and preached Islam in 866 to 874. The muslims of Arakan established Islam in Chittagong in 954. At that time  the muslim was defeated by king Sanadya  . Shah Muhammad Sultan Balkhi came to Harirumpur of Manikganj via the way of river in 1053. Afterwards he went to Mohastangar of Bogra and  preached Islam there. Many mosques and Islamic schools were established there.  At that time king Parshuram rulled there and against this king fight was occur and this king was killed .  Princess Ratna moni and the Army chief Surkhab received Islam.  Shah Muhammad Sultan balkhi married to Princess ratna moni and  Surkhab was as a new king.
Shah  Muhammad Sultan Rumi reached Netrokona in 1053. The king of Madanpur invited by him for receving of Islam . First the king was refused but later he received Islam.  Baba Shah Adam reached at Bikrampur for preach of Islam but later with king Ballal sen he was martyred in a battle.
Shah Makdum Ruposh reached in rajshahi in 1184 for preach of Islam  there. He was the founder of  preaching Islam and established the base of Islam in a hostile environment in Bangladesh. Bakhtier Khilji came to Nadia in 1204 and attacked the king Lakxan Sen and Conquered theNorth Bengale such as Rangpur, Bogra, Dinajpur , Gaur. The Muslim rule was established in Bengale.
Sultan Mugisuddin Tagril of Lakhnauti reached Sonargaon in 1274 and he defeated the king Madhu Sen  and then Dhaka, Sonargaon, Faridpurwas under the muslim rule. A fort was build by him named as Killae- Turgil. In 1281 Bughra Khan rulled Bengal. Until 1290 he ruled Bengal and Barishal, Mymensingh came to under the muslim rule.
In Sylhet King Gaur Gavinda rulled there. Sultan Shamsuddin feroz shah sent forces twice time under the the chief army Sekandar gazi against king Gaur Gavinda in 1301.
   Hazrat ShahJalal asisted force With his 313 companions and Syed Nasiruddin ,Sikandar gazi fought against Gaur Govinda in 1303. Until his death Hazrat ShahJalal Preached Islam In 1446.
Under Fakiruddin Mubarak shah Chittagong was ruled in Muslim in 1340.From Chittagong to chandpur he built a road.
In Khulna division khan Jahan Ali reached and preached Islam from 1418 to 1449. He built 360 mosques, 360 ponds  and constructed ponds there.
Later he reached bagherhat and settled there. He built saat gombuj mosques there.

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