Thursday, June 18, 2015

Lake St. Moritz

lake of St. Moritz
In Switzerland it is a very nice lake and situated near St. Mortitz.  In this lake area polo matches are held on in every January or February. For the visible red balls are used in the snow. Horse races also held on there in February. Since 1907 The race are held and it
is called” White Turf”.
In 1988 first ice cricket tournament was held on this lake area. It is the most famous elegant resorts in the world. the world. Its dry, sparkling  day is excellent legendary “champagne climate”.
Its culture, nature, activity is excellent.  All the season it is attractive for tourist but the winter season is more attractive for its snow covering. There are many sports are held there n winter season such as cricket, polo, gourmet, curling tournaments, music festivals, olymic ski jump etc and  inline skating, mountain biking, hiking, ice skating, winsurfing, tennis, golf, opera, art and culture etc in summer

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