Saturday, June 20, 2015


An umbrella can protect against sunlight or Hans . Folding umbrella originated from China.These Chinese umbrellas were very famous internationally. Pocket umbrellas were made by Hans Haupts in 1928.In a large global market umbrellas are the consumer product.Hoogendorn's storm umbrella is very famous . It was awarded for its several design.It was nominated as Good Morning America.

Totes Signature Basic Automatic Compact Umbrella

It is one size and its color is black. it is nylon and its hight is 3 inch and wide is 7 inch. It is 1005 polyester. Its price is $16.16 and made in china.
Product description
Its ASIN is  B002NU6F2C.
Product dimensons- 17x7x3 inches.
Shipping weight- 2.2 pounds.
Its model number is   8610-Black-and one size.
 Totes clear Bubble umbrella
It is classic dome style and its length is 39 inch. Its material is clear.
Its ASiN is B00JWV2BN2.
Product dimensions - its product dimension is 36.5x4x2.2 inches.
Its shipping weight is 1 pounds.
Its price is29.99.
Plemo classic Black Automatic Folding Travel Umbrella
It is black classy umbrella.It has strong center aluminium pole.It has pressing button and automatically closes and open and it is 11.5 inch.
Product dimensons- 37x37x22.4 inches.
Its shipping weight 11.5 ounches.Its ASIN is . B00LBWHJBE.Its price is @20.99.
Silver sunblock uv umbrella
It is silver coated and sunblock umbrella.It has soft foam handle and 32.75 inches tall.It is contacted with shoulder strap.Its price is $39.95.
its ASIN is  B00U1SIX82.
Product dimension-  its product dimension is 32.5x2x2 inches.

Totes Classics 3 Section Automatic Compact Umbrella

Its color is black and it is 100% polyester and made in china.
Product description
Its ASiN is B008PVMWK2.  Its product dimension is 11.4x2.6x2.5 inches. Its shipping weight is 13.6 ounches. Its item model number is 8371. It is made in china. Its price is $22.

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