Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Sunglasses are uses for protect of eye  discomforting from bright sunlight and high- energy visible light.  These are also uses as mixed of spactacles and colorized. Sunlight can occur various eye problems.
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In  the 12th century  china used flat panes .  In 1752 James Ayscough  experimented with tinted lenses.   Blue or green –tinted glass had the quality for  vision impairments.  Brown or yellow – tinted glasses were common. In 1936 Polarized sunglasses were available and in 1937 in the United states about 2o million sunglasses  were sold.

It can protect from ultraviolet radiation of the sun and from various  eye problems such as cataracts, snow blindness, photokeratitis, pterygium, eye cancer. It hSunglasses
 filtred powered of UVB and UVA. These are more active for children.
Classic TcB Elvis Celebrity Style Aviator Sunglasses
It protects 100% against UBV or UVA rays.Its frame design is Replica Elvis.Its arms are metal and hinges.Its lense night is 41 mm and width is 57mm.
Its bridge is 16 mm.
Product Description - Its ASIN is B003LRIDP8.
Product Dimension - Its product dimension is 6 ×1×2 inches.
Its shipping weight is 1.6 ounces.
Its model number is 2202gold .

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