Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flower vase

Flower vase

It is a decorative vase and  it is higher than wide. It is an architectural ornament. It is a symbol of dream and it represents beauty and value, deep and meaningfuland love life.

It is a container. A container means a hydria. A vase may be wood, stone, metal , glass or synthetic material. It may contains with two handles or one handles and designed with spout or lip, foot or base. 
  There were used for general storage purposes by large covered vases.  Portland land vase was very famous in the ancient times and cremation vase was common in that time. A vase may become an art of work and it has painted figures, incised patterns. Now a days it has been using for flowers. In ancient time Greek painted vases were ancient art oft exquisite examples. In various countries,various types of vases

were discovered through excavations and burial chambers . Gold or silver vases with desigins were found in  as Christans and Buddhist objects.  In Asia Bronze and brass used for vases, crystal in China, Kutani vases in Japan, enamel in Satsuma. In East Asia vase of cloisonn√© was found. The Persian pottery color was blue-green, frenches  vases were miniature medallions, American vases were Rookwood and English vases were Wedgwood.

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  1. Nice post, especially the vase designed with crystal flowers.