Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Waikato River

 Waikato river
In Newzelland , it is a longest river.About 17, 000 years ago, it was  formed largely.Lake Taupo was formed.About 21,800 years ago, it was present in the Waikato basin.on the eastern slopes many small streams creates by the river.
Historically the river was a critical communication.In1863\64 the river had military importance.
The Horahora power station was the first hydroelectric power station of Waikato river. Under the Horahora birdg it is located.
It was built for the supply of electricity.This river has 19 types of native fish and 10 types of introduce fish.Brown trout and rainbow are introduce species.
Carp and mosquito fish also introduced species.

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