Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Computer tutorial

is an essential electronic data machine  in modern day.
Computer is uses for various purpose such as 1. Businesses
a.Sales analysis
b. Budgeting
c. Payroll calculations .
d.Maintenance of stocks .
e. Financial forecasting .
Computer is capable of diligency , accuracy , calculation , reliability , versatility etc.
 2 .Banking
Banking is  dependent on computer .Computer has facility on online accounting  and it keeps deposits , current balances , over drafts , interest  charges and shares records. It has facility for ATM machine deal with bank.
 3. Insurance
Computer helps to Insurance companies for keeping all records.
Database is maintaining for Insurance companies .
Servival. Benefits , bonus , maturity date, starting of the date etc .
 4 . Education
In the education , computer provides more facilities . It provides computer based education .  It means   delivery , control , evaluation of learning , This method is increasing rapidly . To educate the students , many more education institute use computer . For a student it makes database.
  5. Marketing
It can create advertise in marketing such as it can creates arts and graphics , write and revise copy ,   print and desseminate ads.
Home based shopping
Home based shopping is possible by use of computer and anyone can buy any product through catalog of product and can order directly for product easily to use internet. Computer can provides  health care , Engineering design , Military , Communication , Government etc.

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