Monday, October 5, 2015

Giethoorn nice place

Giethoorn village
In steenwijkerland , Netherland it is located . After 1958 it became famous. The famous comedy film Fanfare made there by Haanstra.It is a village and it has no roads.until 1973 it was seperate municipalty and it was  part of Brederwiede
It is very attraction for tourism.It is called venice of the North. Chinese tourists like this most. There are 2620 peoples lived in this village. Every year 150,000 to 2,0000 tourists visit there. This place is so peace and so quite .  It is hear the noise of birds or ducks .  Boat is very common vechel .
It has three canal side museums in there and canal side resturent also. Peoples can cycling or walking beside this canal.

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