Monday, December 28, 2015

Do you know about cloud ?

Here, cloud means internet. It is a modern technology and anyone enjoy and browsing this. It has more facilities to access more things like email,  drop box, calendar , files etc  in a computer. You can use drop box and it can share and store files with other person. From a mobile device you can easily access your files.
It is a serviceservice that it can take photos, clip webpages,and you can type notes  in your mobile or computer.
 Mozy and carbonate
It has more facilities for backup your data .   If your computer is damaged or stolen but it can back up  alwebapps
You can use webapps that is no need installed in your computer .
It is the live apps in the internet .
Google Docs
It is a web apps and it can spreadsheets and create documents in the internet.

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