Monday, February 1, 2016

Basic about computer

Computer and its parts

Computer has several parts like hardware , software , CPU, monitor, keyboard , mouse.  Hardware means parts of the computer such as CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. Software means word processing program .
CPU _ It is like  the brain of a computer .  It acts like stores , processes , communicates information . It has memories also. Memori stores data on disks.

Word processing program and the operating systems are both stored on cpu hard disk.

Monitor _ Monitor is like as televishion . It communicates all information from the computer. It acts as a screen.

Power switch -  CPU and monitor have power switch that turn on and turn off them.  They have a symbol .

Printer - It is a type of device that takes information such as pictures and texts from computer and on a paper it prints .

Keyboard - It is an important tool to communicate with computer for a user.
It is composed of key tools and it sends signals to the computer and computer can carry for processes and programs.
It is found various sizes and shapes but all have same purpose.

Mouse- It is used like as a keyboard and it communicates with the computer. It is like a remote control for tv.

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