Saturday, April 9, 2016

Computer Networking

Introduction-  _
It helps students to understanding in computer networking .
In the school, it helps development  the current stage of  networking .
It also assists the  students to next stage of networking planning.
It provides standard networking models and best practice and students get more benefit from it.
It includes some main headings such as
1. Network introduction . 2. Network advantages. 3. Types of Networking.
4.Appropriate models of Networking. 5. For NCTE recommendations.
Basic Networking -  It means that when connection of various computers , printers and another devices and communicate with each other through internet server then it is called Network. There is an example such as  Network in a school means that the computers are connected with local area network or LAN through internet , server .
There are two types of Networks such as Peer -Peer to Networks and Client or server Networks.
Peer to Peer Networks-
when connected with less than 10 computers through internet and security is not necessary in this . These computers have same status and they have a capacity to communicate with each other on an equal footing.It can be shared any spread sheet documents or word processing documents through internet and can share any devices such as scanners or printers with computers through this net.
Client or server Networks-  It is the larger networks for computer.  There is a central server or computer that acts as a storage location . It is higher than average performance computer. It can controls others computers . For an example , teachers and students in a school and they can use internet for their various works. And it is called client network. In this type, network administrative has only rights in server.

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