Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Digital pen

Digital pen  is the new invention for us and it has ability to record information.
Digital pen

It would have facility to record. hand notes,  drawings and without use scanner.
Z pen is a wireless type pen.  It has a  clip that acts as a receiver to record digitally , what you write. It has capacity to uploads information in your computer.The data can be interpreted by handwriting software and it acts as a text entry interface. There are several types of technology in these digital pen such as Accelerometer , postiotional, Active , Camera , Trackball pen.
Accelerometer - These are to detect movement of the pen.
Active- These are activated with pen location, button presses, pressure etc.
Positional- During writing,  these are detect to location .
Track ball - These are act as a sensor to detect motion of the trackball.
Camera - These use by Anonoto technology that act as the digital paper to detect the writing surface.

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