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HASON RAJA and his songs and music

Hason Raja
He was a mystic  philosopher, poet, music  composer and he was born at sunamganj in Bangladesh. Few years  after  his death , he gained international recognition and it was during  rabindranath  tagore’s  period. Rabindranath Tagore mentioned him at oxford university and said We realize it through admiration and love, through hope that soars beyond the actual, beyond our own span of life into an endless time wherein we live of all men.”Hason raja wrote so many folk songs. Some of these songs are available at this link of free music. Hason’s songs  are collected and that’s are available in a number   of books such as  Hachhan Udas, Shaukhin bahar,  Hachhan Bahar, etc. Hason raja,s famous lyrics are

Hason Raja Museum,
Early life –Hason was born in Bishwanath village of sunamganj on 21 December 1854.Hason's father name was Dewan Ali Raja, a direct descendant of Birendraram Singhdev (later converted from Hinduism to Muslim and renamed as Raja Babu Khan). His mother's name was  was Hurmuth Jahan Bibi and she was the last and fifth wife of Ali.
Youth life – Many schools and religious centres like mosques, temples and churches were established by hason . A vast land properties for the well-being of the people was donated by Hason. one of the biggest earthquake happened on 12 june 1897 that shake up to assam and sylhet area. This earthquake was at 8.8 richter scale.At that time many more houses were fully  damaged.
Death - on 7 December 1922 Hason died. In his name two museums were established.

           Hason raja’s music videos such as 

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