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Baul Sah Abdul Karim and his music and songs

Sah Abdul Karim
He was a Baul musician in Bangladesh. In the year 2001, he was awarded ekushepadak for his out-standing musical achievements. Many modern singers are singing his songs with modern musical instruments. In 2000 he also achieved DrouheeKotha-Shahitayk Abdur Rouf Chowdhury award. 
Early life: Karim was born in Ujan Dhol village on February 15, 1916 in sunamganj district in sylhet division. From his  very early age he started expressing his thoughts and emotions musically and he was growing up with poverty and hardship. He was trained on spiritual and baul music Shah Ibrahim Mastan Baksh. Karim has only one son named  Shah Nur Jalal.
Works: Karim's composed songs are about 1600. These songs are organized as: Aftab Sangeet, Gano Sangeet, Kalnir Dheu, Dholmela, Bhatir Chithi and Kalnir Kooley. His ten songs have translated into English by Bangla Academy.
The recent trend of ‘modern’ versions of his  Baul songs has become popular. From the late 1990s he became widely recognized in Bangladesh and honoured  by  people. Now his contributions to Bengali Music has now been officially recognized.

Notable songs: 

  •       Jil Mil Jil Mil Kore
  •       Bonde Maya Lagaise
  •       Ashi Bole Gelo Bondhu
  •       Kano Piritee Barailarey Bondhu
  •       Gari Cholena Cholena
  •       Ami Koolhara Kolonkini
  •       Agey Ki Shundor Din Kataitham
  •       Ami Tomar Koler Gari
  •       Shokhi Kunjo Shajao
  •       Ailai Na Ailai Na
  •       Boshonto Batashey
  •       Krishno Aila Radhar Kunje
  •       Tumi bine akul poran
  •       Ager Bahaduri Ekhon Gelo Koi
Free music: Any body can download free music of sah abdul karim's song and play on music systems. Here are these links:‎,‎.

He was the one of the most famous legends of Bangladeshi folk music.He had melodic, soothing and pleasingly rustic voice .He used ektara traditional single string instrument.

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