Sunday, July 27, 2014

Frgrant flowers

There are many kinds of fragrant flowers in the world like Dianthus is a sweet,  pink,  white or red fragrant flowers. This is evergreen clumps, gray- blue, grassy leaves. These are scented  annuals, hardy herbs,  seet- smelling bulbs, scented- leaf geraniums. These are herbaceous perennials. These are annual or biennial. It’s leaves are simple, opposite, mostly linear and glaucous grey- green to blue- green. These are pinked margin and have five petals, pale to dark pink. The perennial pinks have strong spicy fragrance.
Gardenia is a happy scented flower. It is called, the queen of fragrant flowers. This is evergreen, heavily scented white rose- shape flowers . These are blooming during the warm months. It is attractive for it,s glossy green foliage. This grows in well-drained soil, in moist and has acidic ph. If the soil is not acidic  enough and the plant will often develop yellow leaves. In cold- winter climates, gardenia is grown as a houseplant. This is light shade, houseplant  shrub. It’s height 8 to 20 feet and width 10 feet. It’s color is white and grows in summer and winter season . These are collected for fragrance collection and for containers.

Nicotiana is the another kind ‘s of scented flower. This is old fashioned  flowers. It is sweet, strong fragrance flower. At night, it’s scent spreads out in the air and  become terrifically fragrant. These are very attracting for hummingbirds. It’s another name is flowering tobacco  because it has a cousin of the tobacco plant. It has more colorful types and these are white- only types, taller that may 5 feet. For night gardens, these are ideal and most fragrant. These are grown in well-drained soil, full sun and moist. These are light sun and annual type. These 6 inches to 8 feet height and 2 feet wide. These have verities color such as green, pink, red, white and blue in color. These are grown in summer season. These are collected for good containers and for fragrance.

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