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Common name- Champa, joy perfume tree.
Botanical name- Magnolia champaca. Family- Magnoliaceae( Magnolia family), Synonyms- Michelia champaca.
Champa is common flowers of Bangladesh. It  grows in India, Indonesia and our neighbours area of Bangladesh. It is available in the eastern Himalayan region. This is a large evergreen tree. It has  crown composed of ascending branches and length  18- 21 meter . It has narrow yellowish white petals and has sweety fragrance. This flower is very popular. In india champa , flower is used for religious offering. The world’s most expensive perfume’ joy’ is made from fragrance of champa.     
Golden champa
Golden champa- This is a another type of champa. It is golden yellow flower. It grows in india, Indonesia and other native country.
Kathalichapa- (Artabotrys)
Common name- Ylang YIang vine, Tall grape
Bengali Name- Kathali chapa
Botanical Name- Artabotrys hexapetalus
Synonym-Artabotrys uncatus
Family- Annonaceae(Sugar apple family)
Kathalichapa is a highly sweety scented flower. It grows in India and Tropical Asian region. It is a shrubby vine plant.During the young period of time, the leafs of the plant look like young and glossy. At first the flowers look green and later forms into slight yellowish colour. This contain six petals. Three of sepals and other three are known as petals. Anyone can smell  fragrance of this flower from the distance place.This flower keeps long time fragrance even after plucking from the tree.This is an ornamental plant. It can be planted any at the pot or at the garden. This plant is demand of full sunshine. This plant is collected by cutting or from the seeds.

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