Saturday, October 18, 2014

How to operate a computer system

It is a important factor to operate a computer system. It runs on a computer. It has processes, memory, hardware and software.A computer is useless without an operating system.Without knowing how to speak the computer’s language , it allows you to communicate with the computer.
 The  operating system’s job
Boot your computer – It is the process and press the power button that turn to computer on.
 *To make sure everything is woking correctly and it runs tests.* For new hardware it checks. *. Starts up the operating system then.  It’soperating system has started up.It’s all software and hardware on the computer are manages by it. At the same time different other programs are running such as central processing unit(cpu), storage and memory. The computer would be useless and unable to talk to the computer without the operating system.

It is a multitasking operating system.It has  a real time operating system. It has specialized scheduling algorithms.It has realtime operating system and it responses to events predictable.It has time- sharing  design and clock interrupts.It has also mass storage, printing, processor time and other resurces.
Multi-user- At the same time it allows and access multi-user operating system.It has internet services and time sharing systems and has multiple- user systems . It allows multiple programs and has single operating systemand at the same time.
Multitasking vs. single – tasking
From the point time of view of human scales , it allows more program.One running  program in single- tasking system. Multitasking is two types such as pre- emptive and co- operative.It dedicates one slot to reach of the programs. Unix- like operating systems has two support pre- emptive multitasking such as Solaris and Linux.
It manages a group of independent computers and it communicate with each other that rise to distributed computer.On more than one machine , distributed computers are carried out.
To creating a single virtual image and templating, coud and distributed  a guest operating system.It is a tool for multiple running virtual machines. This technique is used both cloud computing and virtualization  management.
To operate with  a limited number of resources and small machines like pDA with less autonomy. They are efficient by design very compact and extremely.

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