Monday, October 20, 2014

What is Internet ?

It is a type of global system and connected with computer networks. It is standard internet protocol suite. It is the international network that consists of millions of public, private, business, academic and government  packet  switched networks .It is a wireless, electronic and optical networking technologies.It applicates world wide web, peer to peer networks, telephony, file sharing.It is connected to personal, mobile computers , institutional. It is accelerated and enabled internet forums, instant messaging and social networking

It is a global system of interconnected IP networks. It is referred as the net. On the internet , it is a very large number of resources, urLs, hyperlinks. It is implemented over the internet and including file transfer, email, newsgroups, remote computer control, and online games etc.At the end of 1971 fifteen sites are connected to the young ARpANET.
In the early 1960s internet packet switching started  and networks  such as Merit Network, Tymnet, Mark1 at NPL un the uk, Tele net etc.In 1970s a variety  of protocols are using. The internet protocol suite was standardized and interconnected Tcp/Ip networks  was introduced and called the internet.The National science Foundation Network  provided to supercomputer sites in the united states and it was from education and research. In the late 1980s and early 1990s the internet was started a rapid expansion in the Australia and Europe.
The internet is  comprising many voluntarily autonomous networks are interconnected. Without a central governing body, it operates. It is standardization and underpinning the core protocols technicaly.  By technical expertise may associate and  a non- profit organization of loosely afflliated international participants.
It has a system of software layers and hardware components and these are control various aspects of the architecture.
Routing  and service tiers
It is a tier of networks that represent the bottom of the routing hierarchy  and customers of other isPs.
It has large organizations such as large enterprises, academic institutions,  governments and performs ISPS.It is interconnect with large subnetworks such as  Internet2, GlorIad, GEANt, JANT, education network  etc.
There are various types of internet access such as broadband over coaxial cable, modem via telephone circuits, satellite, Wi-Fi,  cellular telephone technology(3g,4g). The internet access in various places such as PdA, device of mobile etc.
in libraries, and internet cafes, internet access points, many public places such as coffee shops and airport  halls. There are uses various types of terms such as public access terminal, web payphone, public internet kiosk. For various usage terminals are widely accessed such as bank deposite, ticket booking, online payment. Hotpots is a interesting thing that providing Wi-Fi connection of net  to laptop,
It is a type of software system that has hardware . It has design and  standardization process of software architecture and it provides the foundation that has success and scalability.
Internet has a large number of network services such as electronic wide web, internet phone, audio, file transfer services, World Wide Web etc.
World wide web
Internet is editorial, approval and security systems  and it is available to making the target visitors.
 Internet has important communication system services that is available in the internet. By an email process, pictures, documents, data  etc can be sent.
Data transfer
By an email attachment file can be sent to customers, friends and colleagues.

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