Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Magical power of crystal

Ball crystal
Crystal is a wonderful stone for healing in ancient times and now. It has nice healing power processes an

Ball crystal
health of the body. It uses in middle ages people for preventing and treating kidney problems. For eye problems, jasper  was use. It also used for stopping bleedings and healing wounds. Ruby was used as agate, passion, health  and so on. It used also as medicine such as drinking water with certain gem that will effect body’s health. When over the painful area directly place and it will recovery speedy. When a wound area, rub with a specific crystal then it will be quickly healing.  For healing of use of precious stone is called lithotherapy. The crystal of aquamarine treats sinus problems, allergies, trachea problems, teeth and hearing problems . The crystal of diamond regulates temperature and supports intentions. The Emerlad helps to heal eyes and heart and gives peace of inner. The crystal of garnet helps to remove of arthritis and stomach problems and it also brings will and courage. The opal used as peaceful dreams, crafts and meditation. The Quartz used as relaxing on the body and used as safety of children. The Sapphire has extrasensory receptors. Topaz has the power of making friendship and strengthens it. Tourmaline has power to recovery of psychological illness. Turquoise has power  to remove all negative influences. There is also may of uses of crystals now a days such as computers, radio, stoplights, the space of shuttle etc. There are two types of crystals such as double terminated crystal and single terminated crystal. Double terminated crystal is perfect. There are six elongated sides  and six  faceted in each double terminated crystal. This is formed in sandy areas. For healing these crystals are great.

Crystals  are uses for plants. If the crystals are take side of the plants, then this will give energies and these may stronger and make happy. The crystals  help to grow well to these plants.
Cleansing of Crystals
In the full moon, the crystals are take and place to a bowl with salt
Clear crystal
water and it is take for 24 houres. OneLiter of water with ¼ cup of salt mix up.  In this way clear of all negative energies.
Charging your crystal
The crystals are take in the full moon for charging. The crystals are take in the full moon for over night. It can absorb the moon’s energy.
Buying Crystals

  You should not  buy Crystals of Chinese. Because Chinese crystals are fake oftenly and these are  not good.  So , you should buy coming from Brazil or USA  product. They are dealing real crystals.

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