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Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria
Victoria was the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland’s Queen and from the twennte june 1837 until her death. She used the additional title of Empress of India in 1876 of 1May. Victoria was the prince Edward, Duke of kent and strathearn, the fourth son of king George’s (iii) daughter. In 1820, the Duke of kent and king George iii died and by her German- born mother princess Victoria of saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld , she was raised under her  In 1840   Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha married Victoria and he was first cousin of Victoria. They had nine children and all of them married into noble and royal families. Her title was “the grandmother of Europe” and Victoria was deep mourning  after Albert’s death of 1861. She avoided public appearances. He temporarily strength gained and it’s republicanism. The popularity recovered later. The times of public celebrations were Golden and Diamond jubilees. There is the reign of Victoria was 63 years and seven months .  It was the longest period of British monarch and in history  than any other British monarch. The period was known as the Victoria era. There are cultural, industrial, scientific, political, scientific and military change in this period in the united kingdom. As a great expansion of British Empire , she was marked. The house of Hanover of the British monarch was Victoria. Edward Vii was successor  and  and Australia. On24 May is the Queen Victoria’s birthday and it is celebrated on the last Monday before or that day.
Queen Victoria at 4 years old ( portrait)
was the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and he was the son of Victoria. Victoria was the honest, straight-talking, obstinate and emotional type.In1856 during the Crimean war was introduced The Victoria Cross and was awarded for bravery and remains Canadian, The highest British, Newzealand
supervision. After her father’s three elder brothers all were died and at the age
of 18, Victoria was inherited the throne. There was established constitutional monarchy in The United Kingdom and it was direct political power. She was strict standards of morality personally
Queen Victoria  1880

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