Thursday, December 18, 2014

Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef
It is the largest world’s coral reef. There are 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands and it’s area is 2,300 kilometers and 344,400 square kilometers. In the coral sea , the reef is located of the coast of queensland , Australia. From the outer space itcan be viewed. The Reef is the high marine life diversity. It has 1,500 fish species,
clownfish, the red bass, snapper, whales, 30 species of dolphins, red-throat emperor, porpoises, the humback whale, Indo-pacific humpback dolphin, 125 species of shark and stingray, 49 species of mass spawn, 6 species of sea turties and 17 species of sea turtles and many more.
It’s vast marine life is wonderful becauseit has warm clear waters. It has majestic scenery and it is the most popular for natural lovers.It is perfect for fishing, snorkeling, diving, sailing. Every year 2 milion people visit the reef. In 1981 it was selected as a World Heritage Site. It is the seven natural wonders of the world. By the Great Barrier Reef Marine park is protected the reef and it is limited for human use such astourism and fishing.There are forty-nine species mass spawn, while eighty-four other species , seventine species of sea snake, six species of sea turties, hawksbill turtle, flatback turtle, green sea turtle, leatherback sea turtle, the olive ridley etc.
It has ecosystem and by mass coral bleaching it’s climate is changed. This destination is very important for Australia and they earn 3 billion from this region. $3 billion  It has two part such as northern and southern part.t $3 billion . There are fifteen species of sea grass in beds that attract turtles and dugongs.This create fish habitat. There are two types of sea grasses such as Halophila and Halodule. Near the reef on the coast salt marshes and in mangrove saltwater crocodiles live. In the GBRWHA , the salt water crocodile has low density and the population has wide ranging.On the reef  about 125 species of shark, skates, chimaera, stingray live.There are 5,000 species of mollusk, nudibranchs, giant calm, forty-nine species of pipefish , nine species of seahorse and seven species of frog inhabit there.

This reef’s water quality is declining due to the faced of the pollution.When tropical flood occurs then pollute the Reef.From farm  about 90% of the pollution comes.There is also pollution from sugar cane, herbicides, fertilizers, nutrients, agricultural sediments, pesticides etc.

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